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Issue 1: Welcome to The Weekly Nomad!

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Ay! I'm Jimmy Nomad. I traded my Boston apartment for a truck camper & transitioned to 100% remote work in 2021. Now I travel the U.S. full time while working remotely. I'm having the time of my life mixing work with play, satiating my wanderlust while keeping my corporate career.

I'm here to help you do it, too.

This is the first photo ever taken of me with my completed setup. My mom took it in the parking lot of a strip mall where we stopped to pick up a pizza. People were staring as I climbed onto the roof!

In The Weekly Nomad, released every Sunday, I'm sharing key info & insights on the 2 elements of Nomad life:

  1. Remote work

  2. Camper living

I'm exploring these topics with a focus on you & what you need to start livin' the Nomad life. I dove into this lifestyle totally blind & figured it out as I went, which has been sick... but my journey could've started much smoother if I'd known certain things. I'm going to teach you those things here & show you how to quickly & successfully go Nomad.

In this first issue I'm introducing you to the 2 websites that provide pretty much everything you need to go Nomad: Linkedin and RVtrader.

Let'sssss get ittttt!


Secure Remote Work on Linkedin

When it comes to career advancement & finding a remote job, Linkedin is the only resource you need. There are tons of other career websites (Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Monster, CareerBuilder) but none are as dynamic or as powerful as Linkedin. Here's why:

  • It's popular - 875 million people use Linkedin, making it the most popular career platform on earth

  • It's multifaceted - Linkedin has several features that help users market themselves & find new job opportunities:

    • Your profile displays your work experience, education, & professional skills in an engaging, Facebook-like way. You're asked to upload a profile picture which makes your page dynamic & inviting. This profile is visible to the entire Linkedin network so it's a stellar marketing opportunity for your career development. Hiring managers & recruiters routinely view candidates' Linkedin profiles before considering them for interviews.

    • Connect with other users on the platform to build your professional network. This comes in handy while job searching because colleagues, friends, & family can quickly become referrals & references

    • You can search & seamlessly apply for millions of jobs on the platform, & its built-in result filters are awesome (including Remote vs. On-site!)

  • It's integrated - Everything listed above (& more) is connected, making every feature extremely powerful:

    • Recruiters can search the platform for users with specific skills & job experience to fill open roles, which means new jobs are looking for you while you're looking for them!

    • While searching for jobs, Linkedin gives you several opportunities to stand out:

      • it shows you if any of your connections work at companies you're applying to, so you can easily contact them about referrals and recommendations

      • many job postings display the recruiter's Linkedin profile so you can directly message them

      • when you apply for a role through Linkedin, they often notify the recruiter with a direct link to your profile

    • Linkedin compares your profile to its job listings & regularly sends you emails with open roles that match your expertise

I created a course a couple months ago that walks you through securing remote work on Linkedin. Check it out if you're looking for detailed guidance on creating your profile, conducting your remote job search, etc.

Otherwise, update your profile & use Linkedin as your primary tool while searching for a remote job... if you don't already have one. Here are a few solid, 100% remote roles I found on there just now:


Cop a Crib on RVTrader

I used to know nothing about RVs, campers, whatever you wanna call them. I call them campers. My first time inside a camper was at a dealership in November 2021 when I was looking to buy one... but when I started contemplating Nomad life, was my best friend. The truck camper I ended up buying? Found it on RVTrader.

It's an online marketplace that gathers RV listings from all over the country (dealerships AND individual sellers) & displays them on one user-friendly website. New & used campers of all types and price ranges are on there, along with tons of photos & details on every camper's features. I spent 3-4 hours per day on this website before purchasing my truck camper, familiarizing myself with the different camper types & their sizes, price ranges, & features.

While you'll eventually want to visit a dealership or RV show before committing to a camper, spending time on will teach you the basics & help you narrow down your wish list. Here are a few awesome listings I just saw on there to get you started:


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