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Issue 5: Truck Campers vs. Vans & Where Nomads Work!

Ay! Welcome to Issue 5 of The Weekly Nomad! In this edition I'm diving into two topics that people ask me about constantly:

  1. the best places to work remotely while on the road, and

  2. the camper van versus truck camper debate.


Best Places to Work Remotely While on the Road

Your ability to work remotely is critical to your digital nomad lifestyle. However, finding the right place to work while on the road can be... annoying. Here are the top places I work from while traveling in my camper, and I've listed them in order of where I go most:

Coffee Shops

This is by far where I go the most. I love the coffee shop vibe and I often ask baristas for local recommendations on things to do, where to eat, etc. They've never led me astray. Pretty much all coffee shops offer free Wi-Fi, comfortable seating, and plenty of caffeine to keep you productive throughout your workday. They also don't care if you're there for hours, I've tested those waters many times.

The Camper

Seems obvious but I work from my camper pretty often. I do my best to work elsewhere (like local cafes) on work days because that's the whole point of travelin'! I wanna explore & see new shit! However, early morning meetings & rainy days sometimes keep me in the camper.


This is my favorite when I can find a good one, which is usually when i'm in cities. Some hotel lobbies are so stunningly decorated that I feel like I'm working from a palace. They almost always offer free Wi-Fi, they're quiet, and the seating is comfy as hell. I've had some people comment on my TikTok that I'm taking advantage of hotels by doing this, but I don't think so... I always buy lunch from the hotel restaurant so I'm not freeloadin'.


Your ability to do this will depend on your internet setup. I have a small mobile hotspot device that's the size of a cell phone, so I can take it anywhere. If your internet setup isn't as mobile or portable, you could also launch a hotspot from your cell phone to work outside. I've taken work calls from beaches, Central Park in NYC, random state parks... this is what nomad life is all about!


Camper Vans vs. Truck Campers: Which is Better?

When it comes to full-time traveling, two of the most popular options for digital nomads are camper vans and truck campers. Let's take a closer look at the pros and cons of each:

Camper Vans

Camper vans are compact and fuel-efficient which makes them pretty perfect for digital nomads who want to be on the move. They provide enough space to sleep and work comfortably & newer ones have tons of amenities. Here are some pros and cons of camper vans:


  • Fuel-efficient and easier to drive than truck campers

  • Smaller and more compact, making it easier to park and navigate through tight spaces

  • Can double as a primary vehicle for everyday use

  • Stealthy; can easily park & camp anywhere without anyone knowing


  • Very limited storage space which can be a challenge for full-time travelers

  • Very limited living space, which usually requires converting the bed into a couch every day

  • Most do not offer full bathrooms, or if they do they are TINY!

  • Cannot handle rough/off-road terrain as well as a truck camper


Truck Campers

Truck campers, on the other hand, offer more space and versatility compared to camper vans. They also offer better off-road capabilities, making them perfect for digital nomads who want to explore remote areas. Here are some pros and cons of truck campers:


  • More living space and amenities. Van owners are shocked when they see the inside of my truck camper!

  • Can handle rough terrain better than camper vans

  • More storage space, making it easier to bring everything you need. You can also use your truck for storage!

  • Can be detached from the truck for more flexibility. This was a big selling point for me because if my truck needs service, I can detach and still use the camper. If my camper needs service, I can detach and still use the truck!


  • Requires not just that you own a truck, but a truck that can support your desired truck camper's weight and dimensions

  • More challenging to park and navigate in tight spaces

  • Taller than camper vans which can create clearance issues in some areas

  • Not stealthy at all, especially compared to a van. When people see a truck camper they know it's a camper!


Ultimately your choice between a camper van or truck camper depends on your lifestyle and travel preferences. If you value stealth and ease of driving, a camper van may be the better option for you. However, if you prioritize space and off-road capabilities, then a truck camper may be the better option.

Regardless of which option you choose, both camper vans and truck campers offer a unique and comfortable way to travel while working remotely. It's all about finding the right balance between mobility, comfort, and affordability.

That's it for this edition of The Weekly Nomad! I hope you found this information useful and informative. Stay tuned for more tips and advice on securing remote work and the camper lifestyle!


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